Content Portability: Building an API is Not Enough

I love the idea of this approach to saving “clean” content (sans markup) while still retaining the semantic information.

The big payoff is the ability to recombine the two dynamically to meet the myriad demands of multiple platforms. The other huge benefit is that markup updates like replacing <b> in favor of <strong> are simplified because during the “cleansing” process you only save pointers to the tags and associate it with it’s semantic meaning, not the actual tag itself.

The diagram above represents how NPR strips out markup from content fields prior to saving to the database. The markup is then “addressed” and stored in a series of relational tables, enabling any presentation layer to present the content with or without markup. It even allows the markup to be easily transformed as needed before pushing to different platforms. (Click the image for an enlargement of this diagram)

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